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Rachel is a long-time traveler and a die-hard West Coast citizen.  After hop-scotching the globe with her mom and sister, they settled in the Hollywood Hills of LA. Her mother was well known in the LA music scene, and Rachel was never discouraged from pursuing Art.

Rachel was introduced to photography by her high school algebra teacher who led summer trips to the Sierra Nevada. The magic of his trip photos and the experiences up in the rarefied air sealed her fate to stay on the path which is now her career. Mainly self taught shooting film, she was lucky enough to get into an exclusive private class with portrait photographer Bobbi Lane. This is where she discovered and fell in love with portraiture.

As an admirer of all things classic, her artistic heroes include Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Elliot Erwitt, Annie Leibowitz, and Ansel Adams. Rachel continues to travel the world, with her most recent trip to West Africa to document human rights education. It was there that she honed her skills with street photography.

Rachel’s experience spans 15 years working in the photography industry. She also has a background in graphic design. This comes in handy when designing books and wedding albums. Truth be told, she can’t imaging doing anything else. Her goal is to make great images that are timeless, truthful and fabulous for others to enjoy for generations. Personal projects include landscapes, portraits and playing around with alternative Polaroid transfers. She currently calls Portland, OR home with her husband and cat, and travels frequently to Los Angeles and Seattle.

LIKES: Flying, Cooking, eating, Dance flicks, swing dancing, single source dark chocolate, hard-bound books, toothy paper, coconut macaroons, foodie blogs, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, hiking, vintage pin-up, film photography, Anthony Bourdain and french wine. Visit her Pinterest Board for wedding inspiration.

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